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Advantages of Recycled Aggregate in Canterbury


The aggregate suppliers at Shaw Haulage Ltd deliver a range of recycled aggregates to home and business owners in Canterbury and the surrounding areas. We process excess waste from previous rubbish collections into durable secondary aggregates, which are ideal for clients to complete their own building and landscaping projects.


We aim to preserve the planet’s raw materials by repurposing biodegradable, muck away waste from construction and demolition sites to create sustainable building materials. Our grab hire team helps clients to benefit from high quality, competitively-priced aggregates that are suitable for any job.


Top 4 Reasons to Use Aggregate Suppliers


1. Cost-Effective Solution


If you’re working to a limited budget, our grab hire and muck away team provides an affordable service for all your material needs. Canterbury clients rely on us to collect non-hazardous waste, from topsoil and sand, to broken pieces of concrete, stone, brick and slate. We remove, recycle and replace waste products with cost-effective, secondary aggregates for landscape gardening and commercial construction.


2. Eco-Friendly Alternative


Our aggregate suppliers procure sustainable products for Canterbury clients, which we recycle in an environmentally-friendly way. Mining primary resources uses a lot of energy and fuel, whereas converting biodegradable muck away waste is a safer alternative method. We screen grab hire waste at a recycling plant in Sittingbourne to repurpose natural materials instead of wasting them.


Recycled aggregates offer the following eco-friendly benefits to Canterbury and Kent clients:


  • Your carbon footprint is reduced
  • Mining raw materials is diminished
  • Muck away products aren’t wasted at landfills
  • Recycled, secondary aggregates are efficiently processed
  • Transport emissions from our grab hire vehicles are lowered, due to local waste collections and aggregate deliveries


3. Range of Durable Materials


Secondary aggregates do not compromise the durability of building and landscaping materials because they are as strong as raw materials. All domestic and commercial redevelopment projects benefit from secondary aggregates, which we deliver directly to your Canterbury site. Our aggregate suppliers provide aggregates for large-scale projects, which we transport in grab hire vehicles that can hold a maximum of 80 tonnes per trip.


4. Multipurpose Resources


Recycled aggregates are ideal for a variety of projects, from landscaping your garden with screened topsoil, to laying patios with gravel. The aggregate suppliers at Shaw Haulage Ltd recommend secondary aggregates to install new road surfaces and reinforce concrete mixes for commercial jobs too.


Overall, recycled aggregates from previous muck away waste collections are versatile and eco-friendly solutions for our clients in Canterbury and the surrounding Kent area. Whether you’re undertaking a small residential job or a larger commercial project, our aggregate suppliers provide cost-effective options with high-quality products.

To get a free quote or to find out how our aggregate suppliers can help you with a domestic or commercial project in Canterbury or the nearby area, call 01795 420 606.