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Grab Hire in Dartford | The Importance of Professional Site Clearance


Hiring a specialist to clear a site was once considered a process only reserved for large construction firms. These days, however, muckaway and grab hire companies like Shaw Haulage make fast and effective site clearance more accessible than ever. Whether you have a construction, demolition or land restoration project, clearing your Dartford site quickly and efficiently delivers multiple benefits.


Our company operates as aggregate suppliers, so we have a fleet of cutting edge grab hire trucks capable of transporting up to 80 tonnes per trip. When operated by our trained and experienced team, this modern machinery provides a comprehensive clearance at an affordable price.


Below, we have taken a closer look at site clearance itself and how it can benefit you and your Dartford project.

What is Site Clearance?


In short, site clearance is the process of removing all accumulated waste from an area. This ensures your site is free of hazards, obstacles and general mess ahead of construction, landscaping or land restoration work.


This shares similarities with muckaway services, although the two aren’t used interchangeably. ‘Muckaway’ is a generic term used to describe the process of removing spoil from a construction site during earthworks operations.


Site clearance usually represents the very first step of a project, i.e. clearing the space of existing debris, mess and hazards. Earthworks then come after the completion of this. Regardless, our muckaway service still involves clearing waste materials from your Dartford site.


As aggregate suppliers, Shaw Haulage can deliver any aggregates you need for construction, landscaping or land restoration before collecting your muckaway. This convenient use of our grab hire trucks makes for an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution.


Why is Professional Site Clearance so Important?


Like any reputable grab hire, muckaway and site clearance specialists, Shaw Haulage starts each service with a thorough site survey. We produce a site-specific report highlighting the materials we need to remove, and the process involved in doing so. As a result, your site clearance follows professional lines from the very outset.


We also show our work methodology, plans for recycling and disposal as well as potential environmental effects, rare plants and endangered wildlife. This ensures that, while clearing your Dartford site, we comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, including those that pertain to the handling and disposal of hazardous waste.


In addition, the initial site survey ensures we arrive back at your premises with the most appropriate grab hire vehicles and other machinery for the job at hand. This keeps the risk of delays to your construction, landscaping or land restoration project at an absolute minimum.


You can also rest assured that our machinery operators hold years of training and experience. Whether as aggregate suppliers or a site clearance and muckaway company, we take every step possible to reduce the chances of site damage and personal injury.


For the ultimate peace of mind, Shaw Haulage disposes and recycles your materials in the most ethical way possible. We strive to recycle as close to 100% of the materials we collect from site clearances and muckaway collections.


Following an eco-friendly recycling process, our aggregate suppliers then reuse these materials as secondary products and aggregates for construction, landscaping and land restoration work in and around Dartford.


In turn, this fulfils your legal obligations to have your waste collected and disposed of lawfully. Failure to do so can result in a fine.

Call Shaw Haulage on 01795 420 606 to discuss your grab hire, muckaway and site clearance requirements in Dartford and the wider Kent area.