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Aggregate in Dover | Grab Hire and Muckaway Services for Any Need


Shaw Haulage provides grab hire and muckaway services to suit your specific requirements. Whether you have a domestic landscaping project or commercial work like construction or land restoration, we have the experience and expertise to tailor our approach for bespoke solutions. The waste we derive from your site in Dover undergoes a recycling process, turning spoil into secondary aggregates. Our aggregate suppliers then deliver these materials for use in projects throughout the Kent area.


As a customer-focused company, we always look for new ways to improve our service. This ensures that, whether you hire us as a grab hire and muckaway company, aggregate suppliers or for land restoration work, you receive the most innovative and effective results.


During our drive to improve our services in Dover and across Kent, we stumbled on several unusual uses of grab hire vehicles over the years.

Unorthodox Uses of Grab Hire Lorries


In August 2015, a gang of criminals raided a Cash and Carry near East Grinstead and made their escape with £3,000 worth of cigarettes. However, they promptly drove their getaway vehicle into a grab hire vehicle blocking a country road. The lorry driver didn’t suffer any injuries, and the thieves were arrested.


When it comes to our own muckaway collections and land restoration projects, you can rest assured that our vehicle operators and aggregate suppliers operate within the law. We have a Waste Carrier license and adhere to all applicable regulations and legislation.


Viewers of the BBC show ‘Britain’s Biggest Hoarders’ may already be familiar with huge piles of junk that people simply can’t let go of. In rare cases, the show has utilised grab hire vehicles to remove accumulated junk.


If you need to remove rubbish or muckaway from your Dover property, Shaw Haulage can help. We make light work of waste collection, ensuring your project can continue without delay.


We always appreciate anyone who shows grab hire services some love. One such example is TV host Alan Titchmarsh, famous for multiple gardening programmes such as ‘Ground Force.’ Alan has always said that grab hire vehicles represent a great way to have your garden waste and muckaway collected – and he’s not wrong! Alan even jumped into a lorry on occasion, although we aren’t sure he’s received the same testing as our operators and aggregate suppliers.


As specialists in everything from land restoration to aggregate delivery, Shaw Haulage utilises a fleet of vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 80 tonnes. It’s not just TV hosts who acknowledge the efficiency and effectiveness of grab hire services, our many clients across Dover and the neighbouring areas do too.


Any list like this wouldn’t be complete without a cat stuck up a tree. Recently, a cat owner discovered her pet, Jacob was in just such a predicament. Fortunately, her neighbour had a grab hire lorry to hand. He positioned it beside the tree and raised the loader level with Jacob. After much encouragement, the cat jumped in and was returned to his owner.


Like this grab hire vehicle owner, Shaw Haulage provides innovative, bespoke solutions to suit your specific needs in the Dover area.

Call Shaw Haulage on 01795 420 606 to discuss your own grab hire needs in Dover and the surrounding areas. From aggregate delivery to muckaway collection, we do it all.