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Top 5 Reasons to Use Grab Hire in Faversham


When you’re planning construction, demolition or landscaping work at your Faversham property, you can rely on our first-class grab hire services. If you’re unsure whether skip hire or grab hire is the best option for your waste clearance needs – contact our team for obligation-free advice now!


As an added benefit, our aggregate suppliers use grab hire vehicles to deliver high-quality, recycled materials directly to your site. We help domestic and commercial clients to make the right decision, based on our cost-efficient muck away and aggregate solutions.


Grab Hire vs. Skip Hire


  1. Time-Efficient Services – We carry out grab hire and muck away services with a quick turnaround for clients in Faversham and the nearby areas. Our grab hire operators use lorries to complete small-to-large waste clearances in approximately 30 minutes, whereas skips remain on your property for extended periods. Our vehicles hold greater capacities than skip hire units, which means we can remove more rubbish per trip.
  2. Permit-Free Grab Hire Solutions – Clients in Faversham don’t need to worry about applying for permission from the council when using grab hire lorries for collections. This benefits home and business owners at smaller properties with restricted access, as roadside skips need a valid permit if they can’t fit onto driveways or gardens. Instead of waiting up to 4 weeks for skip hire units to be authorised by the local authorities, our muck away team collects and disposes of waste at a convenient time for you.
  3. Versatile Grab Hire Vehicles – No job is too big or too small for our lorries! The grab hire vehicles we use can hold an 80-tonne volume of muck away waste and our aggregate suppliers deliver recycled aggregates for building and landscaping projects using grab lorries too. We also remove hazardous waste in a safe and responsible manner. If you need to transport machinery to other commercial sites in Faversham, we provide a manned 750 bhp tractor unit and low loader to fulfil your requirements.
  4. Reduced Build-Up of Rubbish – We ensure our grab hire fleet does not obstruct roads or construction sites with fast loading muck away services, whereas skips can block access to homes and commercial buildings. The aesthetic of skips can also upset neighbours and the build-up of rubbish at your Faversham property can lead to rot, germs or pests if exposed to damp. Be aware of flammable waste products, such as wood, cardboard and packing materials, which are potential fire hazards if not stored securely.
  5. Waste Clearance and Aggregate Suppliers –  Our aggregate suppliers adhere to the Environment Agency’s regulations and transfer non-hazardous, grab hire or muck away waste to a recycling centre. Here, specialists screen and process your waste into secondary aggregates. We only send hazardous or unrecyclable non-hazardous waste to a registered landfill.

To speak to our grab hire experts or aggregate suppliers in Faversham and the surrounding area, call 01795 420 606.