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Muckaway in Folkestone | A Complete Service Package Tailored to Meet Your Needs


Shaw Haulage covers all locations in and around Kent. This allows us to undertake muckaway and grab hire services in Folkestone and the surrounding areas. We also undertake land restoration work, while our aggregate suppliers deliver primary and recycled materials suitable for any construction or landscaping project. In fact, it’s fair to say we provide a complete service package. What’s more, we tailor our approach to meet your specific requirements, ensuring results that exceed expectations.


You can combine different aspects of our service to your advantage. For example, you can hire us as aggregate suppliers and a muckaway company. This means we will arrive at your Folkestone site with the aggregate for construction, landscaping or land restoration. We then use the empty grab hire lorry for your muckaway collection.


Not only is this time-efficient and cost effective, it also reduces our vehicles’ time on the road and your dependency on primary aggregate suppliers. Naturally, this helps the environment too.

Muckaway and Grab Hire Services


The term ‘muckaway’ refers to the collection of materials generated through earthworks. This generic term covers our side of the waste management and removal sector. Shaw Haulage uses grab hire vehicles to clear your site in Folkestone. Upon arrival, our personnel quickly clear topsoil, crushed concrete and similar aggregates from your property.


Of course, the time we take depends on the amount of waste to clear. However, we finish most collections in approximately 30 minutes. We firmly believe that our grab hire service makes the best choice for all muckaway work.


Each vehicle in our fleet has an extendable arm with a reach in excess of 6 metres. This technology allows us to collect your spoil from areas with access issues. What’s more, grab hire makes our deliveries as aggregate suppliers much easier too. Simply tell us where you want your materials unloaded, regardless of access, and we can place them there.


From construction to land restoration, our muckaway and aggregate deliveries ensure your project stays in line with stated deadlines.


Topsoil and Aggregate Suppliers


Having collected your muckaway or other waste in Folkestone, we take it to a specialist recycling facility in Kent. Here, experts screen and process it for use as a secondary aggregate. These recycled products make great additions for the initial phases of construction and land restoration projects.


Our aggregate suppliers use grab hire vehicles to make deliveries throughout Kent, not only in Folkestone. If we have suitable access for the lorry itself, we can unload materials wherever is most convenient for your own workforce to use it.


If access isn’t simple, we can utilise the grab hire arm to unload. This makes a great solution for locations in awkward spaces or over walls, fences, hedges and hoardings.


Be it as aggregate suppliers or muckaway experts, we always go the extra mile to deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. We value your construction, landscaping or land restoration work as highly as you do, so we take every step necessary to get our job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Call Shaw Haulage on 01795 420 606 to discuss your own grab hire, muckaway or aggregate delivery needs in and around Folkestone.