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Aggregate Suppliers in Gravesend | Sustainability in Construction


Specialists in aggregate and muckaway, Shaw Haulage Ltd provides superior service to construction sites across Gravesend. We pride ourselves on promoting sustainability in the industry, offering a range of recycled and secondary materials. Experienced aggregate suppliers, we own a fleet of dedicated vehicles that make delivery easy, while our grab hire services simplify muck away of all types of waste.


The construction and demolition industries are some of the biggest contributors to waste production in the UK, generating around 100 million tonnes a year. The EC Waste Framework Directive lays a target for the UK to recover 70% of non-hazardous waste by 2020. Our company contributes to reaching this goal by reclaiming as much muckaway material as possible. After careful screening, we process suitable waste into aggregate for use around Gravesend.


Recycled and Secondary Aggregates


Recycled aggregates come from repurposing old construction materials, such as concrete and railway ballast. We collect muck away in our grab hire vehicles and produce recycled aggregate at our depot near Gravesend. Staying local reduces transport expenses and emissions. As well as being beneficial for the environment, this also lowers costs for our customers.


We are aggregate suppliers committed to delivering high-quality, recycled products for a variety of uses. Some common applications are:


  • Earthworks
  • Foundations
  • Road Construction
  • Ground Improvements


While similar, secondary aggregates are generally by-products of industrial processes. China clay stent and granulated slag from steel making, are just two examples. Like recycled aggregates, they are suitable for use in many bound, or unbound, construction materials, such as concrete and asphalt.


By choosing Shaw Haulage aggregate suppliers, you are supporting the manufacture and use of recycled and secondary products. This allows Gravesend businesses to continue enjoying numerous benefits. Obviously, they are more environmentally friendly, but are also no more expensive than primary aggregates. In fact, by avoiding additional costs, they may prove cheaper.


Our grab hire services in Gravesend transport appropriate muck away for processing, meaning there are no landfill tax or waste disposal charges to pay. You are also exempt from the UK Aggregates Levy. This taxes sand, gravel and rock that’s dug from the ground, dredged from the sea, or imported.


With the growing concern for environmental issues, demand for sustainable materials has increased. Our aggregate suppliers continuously work to improve the provision of recycled and secondary materials. Our muckaway and grab hire services work together to simplify the process for your site.

For sustainable aggregate suppliers in Gravesend, call 01795 420606.