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Low Loader Haulage in Medway and Kent


Shaw Haulage are renowned for grab hire, muckaway and aggregate supply services but did you know we also have a low loader vehicle available for clients in Kent and Medway? Located in Sittingbourne, we can send out our 750bhp tractor unit to Sheerness, Canterbury, Rochester or any other part of the surrounding areas. This particular service is perfect for clients who need to transport heavy plant or machinery.


Capable of handling weight loads of up to 80 tonnes, there’s very little that Shaw Haulage cannot move. Whether you need to transport your own grab hire vehicle from Kent to another part of the country, or if you need to move plant and machinery around different sites in Medway, we are here to help. We can even transport our own vehicles to site if you need to use our company for a large-scale muck away project in the area.

Low Loader Services to Any UK Location


While our clients generally come from the Kent and Medway areas, Shaw Haulage can use a low loader to transport plant or machinery to any destination in the UK. Forklift trucks, grab hire vehicles and road surfacing machinery are all examples of the type of plant we can transport for you. We are also available to assist with any special loads you might have, such as outsized loads, theme park rides, cabins and even military vehicles.


From Sittingbourne to Eastbourne and from Sheerness to Skegness, we manage every part of our low loader hire services from start to finish.


Call us now and we’ll provide a quotation based on the type of load you have and whereabouts in Kent, Medway or the UK you’d like us to take your load to. We provide our clients with competitive prices on low loader hire, grab hire, aggregate supply services and muck away services.

photo of low loader
picture of low loader

To arrange transport with our dedicated low loader vehicle, call Shaw Haulage now on 01795 420606. We cover the whole of Kent and Medway.