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Benefits of Mixing Concrete with an Aggregate in Maidstone


The secondary aggregates we deliver to domestic and commercial properties throughout Maidstone offer essential benefits for your project. In addition to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint by recycling muck away waste, the repurposed materials provided by our aggregate suppliers strengthen building materials like concrete.


Whatever construction job you are carrying out, we guarantee that our competitively priced grab hire services will improve the quality of your work. Our experts explain the different types of aggregates during a free one-to-one consultation. This includes tips on how to apply concrete-aggregate mixtures to reinforce walls, floors and road surfaces.


Top 4 Reasons to Use Secondary Aggregates


  1. Cost Efficiency – Aggregates are extremely affordable and useful for lowering the amount of cement you need for a concrete mixture. This depends on the aggregate to concrete ratio. By adding more aggregates than cement, builders reduce the volume of concrete they need to complete their project. Maidstone clients can opt for larger, coarser recycled materials from our aggregate suppliers, which reduces costs even more.
  2. Better Appearance – Our grab hire and muck away team collect a broad range of excess waste and process aggregates in different ways. This allows our aggregate suppliers to deliver small to large aggregates that suit individual design concepts for our Maidstone clients. Commercial clients can enhance the aesthetics of development projects with high-quality aggregates available in a variety of colours, shapes and textures for walls, paths and road surfaces. You can achieve eye-catching patterns and styles with secondary aggregates made from repurposed natural stone, like limestone, quartz and marble, which are subject to availability.
  3. Improved Strength – The grab hire and muck away experts at Shaw Haulage Ltd recommend secondary aggregates for home and business owners in Maidstone to harden concrete and maintain a stable, solid form. Concrete is prone to cracking due to fluctuating temperatures, whereas aggregates are less likely to cause cracks from shrinkage over time.
  4. Ideal Mixtures – Our aggregate suppliers suggest the ideal size and shape of aggregates to suit the purpose of your project. Large, coarse particles add more texture to the finished product; however, Maidstone clients can choose finer aggregates, which are easier to work into the cement.


Overall, our grab hire and muck away team recommend using a range of recycled, secondary aggregates to produce superior concrete mixtures. The range of aggregates we provide will impress visitors and guests, due to the attractive and professional finishes they create. Not only do aggregates reinforce the durability of construction materials, they are ideal for Maidstone clients working to a strict budget.

To order high-quality materials from our aggregate suppliers for domestic or commercial projects in Maidstone and the nearby areas, call 01795 420 606.