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Land Restoration in Margate | Providing Environmental Benefits


At Shaw Haulage, we take pride in our numerous specialist fields. From mmuckaway collections to grab hire services, and from aggregate deliveries to land restoration projects, we don’t provide a service unless we excel at it. This dedication to excellent standards, not to mention your complete satisfaction, has played a vital role in cementing our reputation as the trusted choice in Margate and the surrounding areas.


While every service our aggregate suppliers undertake provides an array of benefits, below, we focus on those associated with land restoration.


If you’re new to the concept of restoring land, we have started with a brief introduction to the service.

What is Land Restoration?


In short, our land restoration service transforms terrain that has become unusable back into functional and attractive land. We work with a wide range of clients whose reasons for restoration vary.


However, some of the most common examples of land restoration in Margate and across Kent include:


  • Reclamation of Brownfield Sites
  • Contaminated Industrial Sites
  • Mineral Working Sites
  • Landfill and Quarry Restoration


Naturally, these projects require careful, lawful management from start to finish. On a practical level, we provide mmuckaway and grab hire services to help with any site clearance needs. Our aggregate suppliers also deliver the necessary materials to fill in holes of any size.


Shaw Haulage also consults with statutory and local authorities to ensure full compliance with our duty of care. We also support in environmental and planning applications, ensuring every aspect adheres to current regulations.


To take the first step toward your own restoration project, please contact us.


The Benefits of Land Restoration


Of course, the primary advantage of restoring land in Margate is the creation of functional, attractive spaces from otherwise useless terrain. However, with our grab hire and mmuckaway expertise, not to mention time-served aggregate suppliers, your service benefits from so much more, including:


  • Community-focused Projects – Land restoration projects frequently take unappealing, neglected terrain and repurpose it for the benefit of the local community.The final purpose for restored land changes from case to case, but common community-based projects include nature reserves, recreational areas and spaces for livestock grazing.
  • Use of Secondary Aggregates – As a mmuckaway and grab hire company, we collect inert waste from demolition and construction sites throughout Margate and the wider Kent area. Rather than sending these materials to a landfill, we process and screen them ahead of use as a secondary aggregate. In turn, this lowers your dependency on primary aggregates mined from the ground, a process that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and further depletes the natural resources available to us.
  • Looking to the Future – By its very nature, the process of land restoration focuses on providing benefits long into the future. However, as time-served aggregate suppliers and a proven grab hire company, Shaw Haulage covers the smaller details to optimise this benefit.


For example, we provide the most appropriate soils and aggregates for your Margate-based project. This includes sourcing inorganic and organic ‘wastes’ from mmuckaway operations, where needed, to further benefit the soil used. Applied nutrients and organic matter help plantings and sowings to establish swiftly. This then stabilises the soil, preventing erosion.

Call Shaw Haulage on 01795 420 606 to discuss your own land restoration project in Margate, as well as the many benefits we can provide.