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Grab Hire in Northfleet | Cost-effective Services to Help You Stay Within Budget


As a muckaway and grab hire company, as well as aggregate suppliers, Shaw Haulage recognises your project has a budget to meet. Whether it’s landscaping, land restoration or construction work, overspending often leads to an array of problems, including significant delays. Our services offer a cost-effective approach to waste management and aggregate delivery in Northfleet and across Kent, helping you to stay in control of spending.


Below, we have outlined just some of the many ways our grab hire, muckaway and other services offer great value for money. If you need affordable solutions for your project, please speak with our waste management experts and aggregate suppliers on 01795 420 606 to schedule an initial consultation.

Budget-friendly Services


Grab Hire and Muckaway


In most cases, you will likely choose between skip or grab hire for your onsite waste management in Northfleet. Put simply, nothing can beat grab lorry solutions for cost-effectiveness. This is especially true for larger jobs that generate more waste and muckaway, such as construction and land restoration.


For example, an 8-wheel grab lorry can transport approximately the same amount of waste as 3 6-yard skips. In comparison, that’s 16 tonnes versus 12 to 15 cubic metres. When you also factor in that grab hire options are available on a single-load or all-day hire basis, you have the flexibility to work around your needs – including having our aggregate suppliers deliver materials in the same grab hire vehicles.


In addition, unlike skips, grab lorries never need permits. Anyone who utilises one or more skips takes responsibility for their lawful placement. If there isn’t room to keep them on private land, you must obtain a permit from the local authority in Northfleet. If granted, you can legally place them in roads, parking spaces or on other public land.


Alternatively, you can avoid the cost, hassle and waiting time involved in getting a permit by using our grab hire and muckaway service. We only need clear access to your site in order to make a quick, efficient collection.


Considering the time constraints applied to land restoration, landscaping and construction projects, saved time is just as important as saved money.


Aggregate Suppliers


Generally speaking, recycled aggregates represent a cheaper alternative than primary options. Of course, certain caveats apply, such as the type of material you need, your site location and the volume required. The most important aspect to consider is ensuring your materials are appropriate for your specific project.


Our aggregate suppliers have significant experience with everything from land restoration to construction projects, so we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect solution.


You can also save money by using our aggregate delivery in conjunction with your grab hire and muckaway needs. Our aggregate suppliers can deliver materials like crushed concrete and puddling clay to your site in Northfleet before filling the empty loader with the waste or spoil you need removing.


Again, with one seamless journey, you not only save money, but time too.

Call Shaw Haulage on 01795 420 606 to find out how our grab hire, muckaway and aggregate delivery services can help keep your Northfleet project within budget.