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Land Restoration in Snodland | Expert Services to Restore Brownfield Sites


As the first industrialised country in the world, the UK has a large amount of contaminated land – over 400,000 hectares. Derelict and contaminated land that has previously been used for industrial or commercial purposes, is known as a brownfield site. Land restoration of these sites is a key government priority. As a dedicated muckaway and grab hire company, Shaw Haulage provides expert services for your restoration project in Snodland or the surrounding areas. Because we are aggregate suppliers, we deliver all necessary soils and materials as well as disposing of waste in the most suitable and environmentally friendly manner.


Restoring brownfield sites is important in resolving contamination issues as well as making land available for development. We work throughout Kent delivering reliable solutions to all kinds of customers. For more information about our land restoration services, please contact us directly.

What are Brownfield Sites?


Brownfield sites are areas of land that once served industrial and commercial purposes, but are now derelict. The ground may also be contaminated and these sites are often host to hostile conditions.


Due to previous use, soils on brownfield sites in Snodland often have poor structure, fertility and drainage. Summer draughtiness is another common characteristic.


What Does Land Restoration do?


Through a range of services, such as muckaway and aggregate supply, land restoration from Shaw Haulage helps create effective and sustainable greenspace. With many years of experience, we successfully transform outdoor spaces into wildlife habitats as well as open leisure areas.


What’s Involved in Restoring Brownfield Sites?


As haulage and aggregate suppliers, we deliver a full range of services for land restoration in Snodland. This includes:


  • Muckaway
  • Waste Disposal & Recycling
  • Grab Hire
  • Aggregates
  • Soils
  • Planning Applications
  • Plant Hire
  • Topographical Surveys


Before carrying out any work, we provide thorough consultations and ensure suitable plans are in place. Planning for the correct site conditions is vital to creating effective spaces.


Benefits of Restoring Brownfield Sites


Because brownfield sites in Snodland are often contaminated from previous uses, land restoration provides various benefits. Regenerating land can reduce both human and environmental health risks while improving the local environment. As aggregate suppliers, we deliver a range of primary and secondary materials to ensure you get the most from your site.

Under English planning law, brownfield sites that are contaminated must undergo restoration to make them suitable for use, before redevelopment work.


With proper permissions and licences, Shaw Haulage removes all hazardous and non-hazardous waste from your site in Snodland. As such, our muckaway services are the convenient and dependable solution. We use specialist grab hire vehicles for hassle-free removal no matter the limitations of your site.

Contact us today on 01795 420606 for land restoration services you can trust in Snodland and the surrounding areas.