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Recycling Process for Grab Hire and Muck Away in Whitstable


Domestic and commercial clients in Whitstable can rely on our eco-friendly grab hire services to carry out ethical waste removals. When we collect inert, non-hazardous materials from construction and renovation sites, we follow a rigid process to convert rubbish into secondary aggregates, which is repurposed and sold by our aggregate suppliers.


At Shaw Haulage Ltd, our aim is to recycle as much biodegradable, muck away waste as possible and adhere to the Environment Agency’s regulations. Commercial companies can be confident that we manage all projects in an environmentally-friendly fashion, including responsible hazardous waste removals.


The Removal and Recycling Process


  1. Waste Removal – We arrive at your Whitstable property with fully-operated grab hire vehicles and remove muck away waste. Our team uses lorries and tippers that hold up to an 80-tonne capacity for removals at residential properties and construction sites. We collect rubbish in a safe and efficient manner, which causes little disruption to your workforce.
  2. Recycling Waste into Aggregates – Muck away technicians transfer waste to a local recycling centre in Sittingbourne. Here, specialists screen and process broken pieces of stone, concrete, brick, glass and sand into reusable materials. They separate spoil with a mesh technique which removes roots, pebbles and detritus. We ethically dispose of any grab hire or muck away waste at a registered landfill that our aggregate suppliers can’t reuse or sell.
  3. Redistribution by Aggregate Suppliers – Our aggregate suppliers provide recycled aggregates at extremely affordable prices. Builders combine aggregates with cement to reinforce concrete mixtures to carry out construction, landscaping and renovation work. Aggregate suppliers deliver recycled resources in our versatile grab hire and muck away vehicles directly to your property in Whitstable.


Responsibilities for Commercial Clients


  • Commercial waste should be kept to a minimum
  • Non-hazardous rubbish must be recycled and reused
  • Construction and muck away waste needs to be stored in a safe place
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous materials must be sorted and separated
  • Grab hire and muck away companies must hold a current waste carrier’s licence


The grab hire technicians and aggregate suppliers complete a waste transfer note for clients in Whitstable, which outlines what happens to the building and muck away waste collected from their property.


A waste transfer note must fulfil the following:


  • All sections of the form must be completed prior to removals
  • Waste handlers from grab hire and muck away companies need to sign the note
  • A copy of the waste transfer note should be kept on site for up to 2 years
  • Commercial clients in Whitstable must show the note on demand to the local authorities or Environment Agency representatives during the 2-Year period

To find out more info from our aggregate suppliers or grab hire team for commercial jobs in Whitstable, call 01795 420 606.