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Using Screened Topsoil from Aggregate Suppliers in Ashford


Our aggregate suppliers provide clients in Ashford and Kent with quality aggregates for a range of landscaping projects. If you’re enhancing your garden with new plants and flowers, or carrying out groundworks for construction – we supply unscreened and screened topsoil at unbeatable prices!


The grab hire team at Shaw Haulage Ltd manage aggregate deliveries and waste disposals for muck away jobs at residential and commercial premises. This allows our clients to get rid of excess spoil and complete work using products which are best suited to their project. We’re here to help you choose the right kind of topsoil based on expert advice.


Unscreened vs. Screened Topsoil


Clients in Ashford can rely on our reputable topsoil and aggregate suppliers to provide top-quality materials from our local recycling centre in Sittingbourne. Grab hire and muck away companies like us supply topsoil, which is available in two different categories. You can choose between unscreened and screened soil, depending on the purpose of your landscaping project.


Unscreened Topsoil


We source unscreened topsoil from excavations and muck away jobs at other properties in the Ashford and Kent area. Unscreened topsoil is likely to contain garden debris because it is unprocessed. Soil with debris, such as rocks, stones, roots and weeds, are better suited for general groundworks than growing flowers and vegetables.


The main reasons for using unscreened topsoil are:


  • Creating a foundation for garden projects
  • Filling in holes for excavations
  • Producing level surfaces
  • Building raised flower beds


Screened Topsoil


We screen the spoil from grab hire and muck away jobs in Ashford at a nearby recycling centre. Here, experts remove debris and clumps of soil to improve the quality of topsoil, making it finer and breathable for roots to grow. The screening process also gets rid of detritus, which is harmful to flowers and plants.


Aggregate suppliers recommend screened topsoil for the following reasons:


  • It is suited to seeding new lawns and laying new turf
  • It is loose and aerated for optimal drainage capabilities
  • It provides nutrients to help new plants and flowers grow healthily
  • It prevents roots from rotting due to the finer particles of soil


Our Recommendations


Our grab hire experts and aggregate suppliers help Ashford clients to pick the ideal solution, as part of a dedicated service. During a one-to-one consultation, we recommend how suitable unscreened or screened soil is for your individual project. Commercial groundworks are likely to require unscreened materials, whereas domestic landscaping work needs screened soil to achieve high-performance results, like growing plants, flowers or vegetables.


Don’t hesitate to contact our team to deliver unscreened or screened soil to your Ashford property with our versatile grab hire vehicles. These include lorries that handle high volumes of muck away waste, aggregates and topsoil, which can weigh up to 80 tonnes for large-scale projects.

To find out more about the topsoil and aggregates we provide for clients in Ashford and the surrounding areas, call 01795 420 606.