Investing in Communities With Our Expert Land Restoration in Maidstone | Shaw Haulage

Alongside core services such as muckaway, aggregate supply and grab hire, Shaw Haulage serves the Maidstone area as a land restoration specialist. But, you might wonder – what exactly does that mean? On this page, we aim to both describe what’s involved in this vital process, and also run over some of the benefits that it can afford landowners who currently own areas of land that aren’t being developed or used, because of challenges they currently present…

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What is Land Restoration & Why is it so Important?

The end goal of what we look to achieve is the transformation of terrain into useable, aesthetically pleasing land. Common projects we work on include the reclamation of brownfield sites, de-contamination of ex-industrial premises, and the filling in of landfills and quarries in and around the Maidstone area – but there are also less common scenarios we see to.

We work closely alongside both the client, and local / state authorities to ensure that land restoration is compliant with all relevant rules and regulations – as well as the needs of the community. This makes project management one of the key skills involved in land restoration, which happens to be something Shaw Haulage excels in.

Other key requirements are a capable fleet to transport materials and waste to and from the site – which our grab hire vehicles capably handle – and an intimate knowledge of the kinds of materials that will prove essential in the work itself; as Maidstone’s local aggregate suppliers, we also excel in this latter category.

But why is it important? Simply put, it realises the potential that an expanse of land inherently has. It allows for the realisation of community projects, e.g the creation of attractive parks or housing, or commercial projects, such as the establishment of a new office building that will introduce jobs into the area.

On an even more basic level, it can turn an eye-sore into something that beautifies the locale. Land restoration is also important on an ecological level. It’s an outlet for recycled aggregate and can bring back flora and fauna, creating a thriving eco-system where before there wasn’t one.

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