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Across the pages featured on this website targeting specific localities, we’ve covered all sorts of different topics – from broad service overviews, to explanations of very specific nuances of what we do. We also look to regularly feature FAQs, where we answer questions pertaining to our grab hire, land restoration and muckaway services – as well as the products we sell as Kent’s favoured aggregate suppliers. This latter format is what we’ve selected for our page on Northfleet, an area which our team are especially active in.

If you have a different query, or wish to obtain a quote for the aforementioned services or products, pick up the phone and call 01795 420606. Our friendly team are always willing to provide helpful, no obligation advice and assistance to both new and returning clients from Northfleet and wider Kent.

Your Questions Answered – Northfleet Edition

Do your grab hire vehicles come with operators?
Yes. Whether you’re utilising our grab hire services as part of a land restoration project occurring in Northfield, property development, muckaway job, or our vehicles are simply transporting the products we sell as aggregate suppliers, a fully trained and certified operator will be there to ensure that the vehicle is safely used. Another advantage of having our team handle the operation of grab hire vehicles, is tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

Are complementing services offered together?
Yes! Our various services interact with one another – e.g the waste we accumulate during muckaway is processed to create secondary, recycled products our aggregate suppliers then sell to clients around the Northfield area; grab hire vehicles are utilised in both stages of this symbiotic relationship. Likewise, we can deliver aggregate then carry out muckaway, leaving you with a clean site and all the materials you need to proceed with the next phase! Aggregate is also used during land restoration, often to fill in quarried land.

Will I require a permit to take advantage of grab hire?
No, and this is one of the best aspects of it! Whereas Northfield residents and trades will need to approach the local authority if they cannot find private land for skips to sit on, grab hire is a mobile service and can bypass this formality altogether.

When might land restoration be called for?
In any situation where proposed development runs up against difficulties, as a site features contaminated or hazardous materials, or doesn’t have the structural integrity or gradient that’s called for. Some of the situations we’ve attended to in and around Northfield include the reclamation of brownfield sites, or the filling in of quarried land that is to be repurposed. At all times and in all cases, we not only work to clients specs, but communicate with local authorities and relevant communities to ensure all work meets the rules and regulations governing it.

To ask us a different question, or get a quote for the grab hire, land restoration, aggregate supply and muckaway services we provide Northfleet, give us a call on 01795 420606.