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Health and safety are two words that figure on everyone’s lips these days, much to many folks’ annoyance! But with the provision of vital and risk-adjacent services such as muckaway, land restoration, grab hire and aggregate supply – all of which Shaw Haulage offers Whitstable and its surrounds – health and safety is far from just a buzz phrase, it’s what separates good service providers from the cowboys.

So below, we’ve looked to show how various health and safety considerations inform our approach as waste management specialists and aggregate suppliers. We hope it will convince you to make use of our services. If it does, give us a call on 01795 420 606 for a consultation and quote.

The Importance of Health & Safety in What We Do…

Aggregate Supply – The core safety concern here is ensuring the aggregate does not contain harmful materials, or materials that could cause endangerment due to falling short on quality standards – e.g a miss-sold aggregate being used in a sub-base could cause serious issues with structural integrity. That’s why our aggregate suppliers, who cover Whitstable and all surrounds, take great care in the processing and screening of aggregates. Another safety concern comes in the unloading of aggregate, which our grab hire certified operators will ensure is carried out without physical injury (due to the weight of aggregates) and without the mishandling of a vehicle that needs to be used with respect and caution.

Land Restoration – Many of the land restoration projects we take on in Whitstable and its surrounds are Brownfield sites that feature contaminated soil, or land which has been excavated. In the former case, we work to our initial risk assessment, methodically removing contaminates for proper disposal; in the latter case, we fill in and support areas that are serious fall / collapse risks, ensuring that the site, post land restoration, can be safely developed.

Muckaway – There are a few ways in which health and safety informs our approach to muckaway. Firstly, we have to ensure jobs are carried out carefully to avoid any standard workplace hazards such as slips and trips. Secondly, we have to ensure that any hazardous waste is identified and a plan is made for its proper removal, employing any necessary PPE and techniques we’ve developed over our years serving Whitstable and its surrounds.

Grab Hire – Our grab hire fleet is totally invaluable, and we use it to aid us in all the aforementioned service areas. As aggregate suppliers, it helps us deliver materials to sites in and around Whitstable. As land restoration experts, it helps us fill in quarried sites, remove contaminated or unwanted materials, and bring in the requisite materials for re-purposing. As muckaway providers, we can quickly handle large amounts of waste (using the 80 tonne capacity truck bed). But these machines shouldn’t ever be taken lightly, and we ensure certified, experienced operators come with all applications of our grab hire vehicles!

Choose a company renowned for its stringent approach to health and safety. Call Shaw Haulage for grab hire, land restoration and aggregate supply in Whitstable and Kent. Dial 01795 420 606.