First Choice for Recycled, Secondary Aggregate in Longfield | Shaw Haulage

Shaw Haulage ensures that waste materials gathered during the course of muckaway jobs, which we’re constantly carrying out in and around the Longfield area, are repurposed and put to good use. We might be able to employ them during the course of land restoration, another service that we provide, or else our grab hire fleet will take said materials for screening and processing, creating secondary aggregate we can then provide clients at the Longfield area’s favoured aggregate suppliers.

But why should you choose these secondary products, specifically for the mixture of concrete for all end applications – including the reinforcement and construction of walls, roads, floors and infrastructure? That’s the subject of this page, so read on if you’re curious! If you’re more interested in getting a quote on muckaway, grab hire, land restoration or on particular aggregate mixtures we have available, skip ahead and call us on 01795 420606.

Reasons to Use Secondary Aggregates

Economics – The affordability of aggregate mixes means you can significantly reduce the cost of a concrete mixture, due to it requiring less cement paste; and the coarser the aggregate, the cheaper the concrete becomes. Keep in mind, however, that the precise ratio of aggregate to cement mix all depends on the end application you have in mind. You still need, after all, to meet particular functional and aesthetic goals. So it pays to speak with our aggregate suppliers for tailored advice (something we’re also happy to provide Longfield clients on other service areas such as grab hire, land restoration and muckaway).

Aesthetics – Easy-on-the-eye secondary aggregate can improve the appearance of concrete, making it ideal for projects where the concrete will be left uncovered. Different options our aggregate suppliers have available will result in different colours, patterns and styles – concrete with a liberal ratio of limestone to cement, for example, will look different to a quartz or marble blend. We highly recommend that Longfield clients research what each looks like so they can get something that matches the wider design scheme or property being developed.

Durability – Don’t be fooled by the fact that secondary aggregate, being recycled from waste gathered during muckaway / grab hire operations, isn’t extremely strong. Many aggregates can lend a massive amount of durability to concrete, ensuring that it maintains its structural integrity whatever is thrown at it – both figuratively and literally! This will prevent situations you’ll often see while walking through Longfield: cracking concrete.

Characteristics – Everything from the thermodynamic to the tactile characteristics of concrete are determined, in large part, by the aggregate employed. By liaising with our aggregate suppliers, we can ensure you get the perfect material for the job, so that the end result of your work not only meets, but surpasses all expectations.

So choose Shaw Haulage for secondary aggregate – gathered by our grab hire vehicles during the provision of muckaway and land restoration in Longfield and its surrounds – and ensure your concrete is cut out for the job, while doing your part for the environment!

To discuss your needs and how we can fulfil them, contact Shaw Haulage near Longfield. We provide muckaway, grab hire and land restoration services – as well as affordable aggregate.