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When considering how best to approach waste management, companies, trades and individuals working or living in the Deal area have a number of options at hand. One is to recruit a dedicated muckaway company, such as Shaw Haulage. Our team can quickly and responsibly clear a site before a project, e.g land restoration, begins; likewise we can clear it once waste has accumulated at key intervals during a project, keeping the site safe, and once work has concluded. We’ll use grab hire vehicles to make short work of all waste on site, transporting it away to be screened and processed. Committed to good environmental practice, waste is recycled into secondary aggregate which we make available at affordable prices as the Deal area’s favoured aggregate suppliers.

An alternative is to handle all muckaway in house. But what if you lack the fleet/equipment to transport waste away from your site? That’s where our grab hire service comes in. The same vehicles our muckaway and aggregate suppliers use are available to clients. To highlight the differences between grab hire and skip hire, and help inform our clients’ decision of one over the other, we’ve compared them on the page below.

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Why Use Grab Hire Over Skip Hire?

Labour – Using skip hire for muckaway involves a lot of raw, physical labour. It can be exhausting and time consuming to fill skips, which means longer time spent on site, and occupying staff who might be better used elsewhere. Grab hire bypasses the need for a lot of this physical labour.

Access – Some items on sites can be difficult to lift due to their positioning, constituting a safety hazard or simply prove impossible to manoeuvre. Again, grab hire vehicles prove invaluable here. The manoeuvrability of the mechanical arm means that it can reach and gather up items in awkward areas.

Capacity – Grab hire vehicles can handle a whopping 80tns of material, making them ideal for larger muckaway jobs, and tasks such as land restoration; this capacity also allows our aggregate suppliers to make deliveries “in one go” to Deal sites, saving the time and emissions involved in multiple trips.

Permission – Whereas skips often require permission to be obtained from Deal’s local authority, specifically if the skip is to sit on a public byway, grab hire doesn’t. So if you are in urgent need of a waste management solution and do not have the time to pursue skip licencing, grab hire is a no brainer.

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