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Many of our Canterbury clients work within the construction trade, and call Shaw Haulage in whenever they require fast and professional muckaway, affordable grab hire, assistance with land restoration, or our aggregate suppliers to deliver products right to their site; but it’s certainly not only trades who make use of our services. In fact, we also assist many DIY enthusiasts in and around Canterbury, ensuring they have the tools, materials and professional assistance required to properly handle the project they have in mind.

For the benefit of clients who find they need quality aggregates as part of said projects, we’ve looked to provide an overview of what exactly aggregate is and the vital role it plays in the any development in which concrete is employed. If you’re more interested in receiving a site survey and accompanying quote for land restoration, muckaway or grab hire services – pick the phone and call 01795 420 606.

Aggregate Explained

Simply defined, an aggregate is a particulate matter such as stone, sand, gravel or slag – but this list is far from exhaustive. Usually 70% of a concrete blend’s volume, and a tad more than that in terms of weight, is attributable to the aggregates it contains. So what exactly does it contribute, other than volume and weight? Elastic and thermal properties, as well as a structural integrity/durability. So it’s really aggregate that makes the properties of one concrete vastly different from another, and thus makes it tailored toward particular end uses.

Our aggregate suppliers both source primary aggregate for Canterbury residents and trades, and screen/process secondary aggregate with the materials we recycle during the provision of muckaway, land restoration and grab hire services. Primary aggregate is ideal for high-end landscaping projects, while recycled/secondary aggregate has a wide range of uses and is just as strong as the former.

The reason the former is more expensive often boils down to aesthetics. The incorporation of something like limestone, marble, quartz or granite into a concrete blend that will be left exposed, can create eye-catching features popular amongst Canterbury trades/designers. Another characteristic entirely dependent on aggregate blend is “workability”. Some concrete is quite difficult to work with – often those featuring rough and angular particulates.

As with all our services – muckaway, land restoration and grab hire – our aggregate suppliers are always willing to provide bespoke advice to assist clients in and around the Canterbury area. So if you’re unsure what types of aggregate will best suit the purpose you have in mind, simply give us a call at your earliest convenience.

You can reach Shaw Haulage on 01795 420 606. Based in Kent and covering the Canterbury area, our aggregate supply, grab hire and muckaway services set the gold standard.