Taking Care of Our Clients, All Year Round – Grab Hire & Muckaway in Folkestone | Shaw Haulage

With an area of coverage extending all throughout Kent, it’s natural we’ve taken on a lot of work in the coastal town of Folkestone. Clients use us for everything from fast, efficient and responsibly delivered muckaway, to grab hire and land restoration, as well as in our capacity as aggregate suppliers (we have everything from screened and unscreened top soil, to various aggregates for use as concrete). For a brief overview of each of these service areas, read on…


This term is exactly what it sounds like: the clearing of sites of all waste and muck that prevents subsequent phases proceeding, endangers workers, or prevents the completion of the project and hand over to the end user. Employing our high power grab hire fleet and understanding of safe handling of waste materials, including hazardous ones, we’ll quickly and efficiently clear any site around Folkestone, ensuring all waste is carefully recycled or re-purposed.


There are many essential uses for aggregates, but it’s most commonly employed to mix concrete. The thermodynamic, tactile and aesthetic characteristics of concrete are determined by the types and quantity of aggregate combined with cement paste, and the differences between one concrete and another can be night and day. As aggregate suppliers for the Folkestone area, we can help ensure trades and DIY enthusiasts alike have access to the aggregate they need, and deliver it to their site with our grab hire fleet – which makes short work of unloading, saving time and effort.

Our aggregate suppliers have both primary and secondary aggregates available at competitive prices. The former are straight from the source materials, ideal for high-end landscaping tasks and similar projects. The latter are gathered, screened and processed by our team while handling land restoration, grab hire and muckaway jobs around Folkestone. If you’re looking to save some money, and get quality materials that are far more environmentally friendly, they’re ideal.

Land Restoration

This is the process of re-purposing land: for example, excavated/quarried land that needs to be re-filled and built upon, or brownfield land that may currently feature contaminated soils that requires removal and careful restoration. Working alongside Folkestone’s local authority, and to a precise client specification, our land restoration team deliver a restored “blank slate” for you to develop.

In Folkestone and searching for a reputable provider of muckaway services, grab hire, land restoration or affordable aggregates? Call Shaw Haulage today on 01795 420 606.