First Choice for Everything from Land Restoration to Muckaway in Chatham | Shaw Haulage

An area we’re constantly visiting in the line of duty is Chatham. We’ve got strong working relationships with tradesmen, companies and individuals in the area, who appreciate the approach we take to our work – whether in the provision of muckaway, grab hire or land restoration services, or in our role as aggregate suppliers.

It’s this latter service area we’ve chosen to focus on below. Specifically, answering the question: why do our clients choose Shaw Haulage over competing aggregate suppliers in the Chatham area? That’s what this page looks to answer. If you’re more interested in obtaining a speedy quote on grab hire, muckaway, land restoration or specific quantities of high quality primary or recycled aggregate, cut right to the chase by calling us on 01795 420606.

Why Choose Shaw Haulage as Your Aggregate Suppliers?

Pricing – Our goal is to ensure that all budgets are catered for. We achieve this by offering recycled, secondary aggregates that have been gathered by our muckaway and land restoration teams, before being carefully screened and processed to ensure they’re of the requisite quality. This same approach informs the grab hire services we provide Chatham residents; we keep our fingers on the pulse, ensuring our prices are extremely competitive amongst local grab hire companies.

Environmental Commitment – By recycling aggregate, we can also meet the needs of Chatham clients who are especially concerned about the ecological impact of a development, land restoration project, etc. It’s an alternative to only relying upon primary materials sourced by aggregate suppliers – all of which inevitably involve the use of a lot of energy and resources. These secondary aggregates minimise carbon footprints, keep raw materials in the earth, find a productive use of materials gathered by our muckaway and grab hire teams, and keep things local – which makes for less emissions while driving materials half way across the country!

Quality – But it doesn’t matter how affordable or environmentally friendly materials are if they’re simply not up to the task at hand; so our aggregate suppliers ensure the products we deliver to Chatham sites are just as strong as raw, primary products. This will set a project or development in good stead, ensuring long-lasting and durable foundations and fillings, and concrete features.

Versatility – The aggregate that we offer can be used for many different purposes, making us somewhat of a one-stop solution should you require materials for gardening (we have screened top soil that can be delivered en masse with our grab hire fleet), materials for hard landscaping (including patios and driveways), or something like land restoration (in which deep and hollowed out areas need to be filled in to allow for development). What’s more, our team love nothing more than to apply their knowledge in the form of friendly, obligation free advice to all Chatham clients – problem solving is a thrill of the job.

You can reach Shaw Haulage on 01795 420606. Based in Kent and covering the Canterbury area, our aggregate supply, grab hire and muckaway services set the gold standard.