A Diverse Array of Services from Your Muckaway & Aggregate Suppliers in Kent | Shaw Haulage

Shaw Haulage is a Kent company through and through – formed by locals, for locals. That being said, we aren’t the only company in Kent providing muckaway, grab hire and land restoration services, nor are we its only aggregate suppliers; competition is fierce, and companies have to be at the top of their game to stay at the forefront of these respective industries.

So, how does Shaw Haulage maintain its reputation? That’s what this page looks to answer, as it’s likely you’ve stumbled across this while searching for a muckaway or grab provider, land restoration specialist or reputable aggregate suppliers covering the Kent area.

If you already know why we’re at the top of our game, being a returning customer, then perhaps the below isn’t relevant. So instead, call us directly for a consultation and quote. You can reach us on 01795 420 606.

A Cut Above the Rest

Customer Care – While many of our services seem straight forward / cut and dry, we do believe that the entirety of the customer’s experience is important – not just the service itself. From first point of contact, till long after our work is complete, we look to be friendly and welcoming, willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. This is part of the reason we enjoy so much repeat business around Kent, whether for our grab hire, aggregate supply, land restoration or muckaway services – we’re approachable and clients know that if their circumstances were to suddenly change, we’d try our best to adapt to them and meet the new demands.

Environmental Commitment – At the core of everything we do sits an ecological conscience. With muckaway, this shows up in our careful recycling of all possible waste we gather from a Kent site; this is transformed into secondary product that we make available as aggregate suppliers. With grab hire, it’s the reduction in labour and time involved in clearances and delivery, which minimises the carbon footprint of a project. And with land restoration – well the results are clear: time and time again we’ve managed to transform a neglected or contaminated piece of land around Kent into one that encourages a diverse ecology of flora and fauna, and is suitable for re-development.

Value – All of our services – land restoration, grab hire and muckaway – and the products we sell as aggregate suppliers look to deliver on value. This doesn’t just mean that we look to price them competitively, though we do take great efforts in this area. It means that during consultations, surveys and risk assessments, we look to see how our services can overcome hurdles, make a project more streamlined and efficient, and avoid costly problems surrounding health and safety legislation or waste disposal regulation. All in all, Kent residents get “bang for their buck” when calling in Shaw Haulage.

Have a question regarding our muckaway, grab hire or aggregate supply services? Call Kent’s Shaw Haulage today on 01795 420 606.