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Shaw Haulage is proud to look after the Broadstairs area, offering muckaway, land restoration and grab hire services – while serving as its favoured aggregate suppliers. If you’re one of our commercial clients, or a DIY aficionado who has required these services in the past, you may find all this terminology crystal clear. But what if it’s the first time you’ve ever required these services?

To clarify these different terms, so that Broadstairs clients who may be researching land restoration, grab hire, muckaway or aggregate supply and why it’s an essential part of an on-going or in-the-pipeline project, we’ve provided brief descriptions of each of these terms on the page below. If you’re more interested in discussing your needs with the friendly team at Shaw Haulage, and receiving a competitive quote, pick up the phone and call us directly on 01795 420 606.

Service Terminology

Aggregate – Perhaps the most commonly used term amongst the four, an aggregate is simply a particulate material commonly employed in building and development works. There are many different types and grades of it that we source and provide Broadstairs clients in our capacity as aggregate suppliers. Using our heavy duty grab hire vehicles, we’ll deliver any quantity of aggregate you require to your site, saving you time and expense.

We offer both primary and recycled aggregates, with the latter being a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option. Primary aggregates are ideal for civil engineering or top end landscaping projects, while recycled aggregates (much of which we obtain while providing muckaway services around the Broadstairs area) are carefully screened and processed to ensure suitability for use as fill, or in land restoration work.

Grab Hire – A simple way of describing the use of a heavy duty truck equipped with a hydraulic arm, grab hire is employed for many different purposes: from the aforementioned transportation of aggregates, to muckaway, and other tasks involved in construction/development jobs going on in or around Broadstairs.

Grab hire saves on the time and often exhausting physical effort involved in loading and unloading a traditional skip or similar receptacle. This streamlines tasks in which a lot of material needs to be cleared out of a site, or where materials need to be moved from point A to point B. Our lorries also help move heavy or unwieldy items in difficult to access areas.

Land Restoration – This term refers to the careful restoration of land that currently lies unusable or derelict. Shaw Haulage develops sophisticated plans alongside clients, with the aim of re-purposing brownfield sites, landfills and similar terrain that is to undergo a change of use; usually, they involve the use of grab hire vehicles and appropriate aggregates to create a blank slate fit for the proposed development.

It’s vital that land restoration is carried out in accordance with local authorities’ wishes and any relevant legislation that might be in place. Shaw Haulage ensures that this aspect of the project is undertaken on behalf of Broadstairs client, to make the process simple and stress-free.

Muckaway – A term that is “exactly what it says on the tin”. Muckaway sees us utilise our fleet and industry knowhow to quickly and efficiently clear out a construction site during, or following the conclusion of work. We dispose inert, hazardous and non-hazardous materials, ensuring that any risks are carefully managed, for client peace of mind.

Have a question regarding the muckaway, land restoration or grab hire services we provide – or want to get a quote from our Broadstairs aggregate suppliers? Call us today on 01795 420 606.