Keep Projects on Course With Services from Grab Hire to Muckaway in Snodland | Shaw Haulage

While clients in the Snodland area who’ve use us before need no reminder of the many benefits that we bring to the table via our provision of grab hire, land restoration, muckaway and aggregate supply services – we’re aware that many prospective clients stumble across our website while searching for reputable companies in these interlinked industries for the first time.

So on this page, for the benefit of these individuals and companies still on the hunt, we’ve done exactly this – run over some of the core benefits that the Snodland area receives through investment in our services; we’ve looked to cover all our core areas, from muckaway to grab hire, land restoration to delivery of materials purchased from our aggregate suppliers.

If you’ve already decided that we’re the right team for job, having received a word of mouth recommendation from one of our past clients, give us a call to receive a quote. You can reach us on 01795 420 606

A Few Core Benefits of Using Our Team

  • If you’re using us for grab hire, then this makes economic sense. It takes less time and labour to clear a site using a grab hire truck than with the manual loading, transportation and unloading of skips. So if you’re engaged in a project in the Snodland area that will inevitably lead to the creation of a lot of waste, then a big benefit of grab hire is a budgetary one.
  • Muckaway can also provide great value by ensuring that all waste is properly disposed of and recycled, without numerous trips to the tip. You’ll also avoid any potential fines due to breach of waste management protocol, as set out by local and national rules and regulations.
  • As aggregate suppliers, we help clients save money by providing both primary and secondary aggregates. Secondary aggregates are not only just as strong and functional, but they ensure you minimise your carbon footprint; our aggregate suppliers process these materials from waste gathered during the provision of muckaway and grab hire to Snodland clients.
  • The core benefit our land restoration service offers is the delivery of a repurposed, blank slate to see how you see fit. It’s ideal for areas of land around Snodland that may have once been commercial or industrial sites, and require careful terraforming or the disposal of hazardous or contaminated materials, to be replaced with quality aggregate suited to the next stage of development and end use.
  • We also solve logistical issues. For example, we can put our 750bhp tractor unit to good use and transport plant from Snodland, or another area of Kent, to any area of the UK you need it moved to. Our grab hire vehicles help solve logistical issues also, by allowing for the movement of awkwardly located or heavy objects from one site to another, or simply within the site.

Reap these benefits and many more by choosing Shaw Haulage for muckaway, grab hire, aggregate supply or land restoration in the Snodland area. Call us today on 01795 420 606.