Save Money With Our Grab Hire, Land Restoration & Muckaway in Margate | Shaw Haulage

One of the reasons for our popularity amongst individuals, trades and companies around the Margate area, is the fact that despite the standard of excellence we pursue in all aspects of our work – grab hire, muckaway, land restoration and aggregate supply – we stay grounded when it comes to prices. Our commitment to competitive pricing makes us a great choice whatever your budget; we can help you deliver a project within strict financial limitations, just as we can assist those searching for premium materials and products from reputable aggregate suppliers. To get a quote for land restoration, grab hire, muckaway or a specified quantity of aggregate, give us a call at your earliest convenience on 01795 420606.

But in addition to mere pricing, there are ways that our services help clients around Margate save money. Below, we’ve looked to run over some of these points, so you can find the most cost effective solutions for up and coming projects.

Saving With Grab Hire

One way we help Margate clients save is through the provision of grab hire. Capable of carrying up to 80tonnes of waste, and quickly loading it through the use of the mechanical arm attached to the bed, grab hire vehicles are an alternative to skip hire which proves far less cost effective when a large quantity of waste is involved – for example, in construction, demolition and land restoration projects.

To put it in raw figures, one of our 8-wheel grab hire vehicles can take the equivalent of 3 standard, 6-yard skips. The cost of the supply and removal here is far below that of skip hire, and you get the extra benefit of a) not having to load the skip manually, and b) not having to get a licence for it from Margate’s local authority.

Saving With Muckaway

Time is money, as the saying goes – and the time it takes in cleaning a site prior to, during or following on from a phase of development can be fairly high. Depending on the extent of the clear-up, you’ll need a full team working at the job for a fair while, while paying out for the requisite skip hire, grab hire or other waste management solutions that the task calls for (unless you have receptacles and heavy duty machinery owned in-house).

Margate clients enlisting our muckaway specialists receive the assistance of a team who can use the aforementioned grab hire fleet, and expert knowhow to clear a site of all waste – including hazardous waste that requires careful handling. All waste is disposed of responsibly, ensuring you fulfil your legal obligations and minimise your carbon footprint. What’s more, we can process many materials as aggregate, using it during the course of land restoration projects that better the Margate community; we also make it available for other secondary uses in our capacity as the area’s aggregate suppliers.

Saving With Our Aggregate Suppliers

…speaking of aggregate suppliers, these recycled aggregates are not only more affordable than their primary brethren, but just as strong and useful. They can be used in a massive range of projects in and around the Margate area, for example in the blending of concrete mixes with specific aesthetic, thermodynamic and tactile qualities. So contact us to find out about the aggregate we have available, which we can deliver at a moment’s notice to your site thanks to the aforementioned grab hire fleet we have at our disposal.

Save money with Shaw Haulage. Whether interested in our grab hire, aggregate supply, land restoration or muckaway services, call 01795 420606. We cover not just Margate, but all of Kent.