Assisting Construction & Development Activity Via Muckaway, Grab Hire & Land Restoration in Herne Bay | Shaw Haulage

Based in nearby Sittingbourne, Shaw Haulage covers the Herne Bay area, setting a high bar with everything we do – from grab hire services, to aggregate supply, muckaway and land restoration. On this page, we’ve looked to answer a handful of questions specifically from clients in this area, covering all the aforementioned services.

If you have a different question, whatever the subject, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01795 420606. Alternatively, browse our website and view the dedicated pages we have for each of our services – grab hire, muckaway and land restoration, as well as a page penned by our aggregate suppliers.

Herne Bay Clients’ Questions Answered

What kind of situations can grab hire assist in?
Grab hire is ideal in any situation in which heavy or unwieldy / awkward objects need transportation from one site to another, or one area of a site to another. It’s also perfect for the transportation of aggregate around or to sites, with the mechanical arm allow for the quick loading and unloading of materials, preventing delays and circumventing the labour involved with lifting and putting down heavy containers. We also employ grab hire as part of our muckaway service, available to all in and around the Herne Bay area. Unlike skips, grab vehicles do not require permits when on public access ways, and they can also take a lot more waste – up to 80 tonnes.

When should I consider bringing in a muckaway provider?
At the beginning of a project, if a site needs to be cleared before work can safely proceed. Office and retail strip-outs, garden re-developments, and similar jobs/tasks that inevitably lead to the build-up of a large amount of waste, can also benefit from a mid-project visit from a muckaway team. And perhaps the most common time we visit Herne Bay clients, is at the end of jobs, to deliver a clear and clean finish that the client will be happy with!

Do you ensure waste is properly recycled?
This is our first and foremost priority. Waste our grab hire vehicles gather during muckaway jobs is carefully screened and processed, creating secondary products that our aggregate suppliers then make available to businesses and individuals in and around the Herne Bay area. Any waste that can’t be re-processed as aggregate will be recycled, if possible, and hazardous or non-recyclable products are disposed of in accordance to local and national legislation and provisions. As a licenced waste carrier, we fulfil all responsibilities.

What is meant by “land restoration”?
The term refers to the re-purposing of land that is currently, for whatever reason, not suitable for development or a particular end use. It might be brownfield land that features contaminated turf, or hard aggregate that requires removal by a responsible waste management firm like our own. Alternatively, the land may not be an even surface – perhaps a proportion has been excavated. Our land restoration team works with both the client and Herne Bay’s relevant local authorities, to ensure land is reverted to a developable or useable condition within all development / legislative guidelines.

Have a different question not answered here? Pick up the phone and contact Shaw Haulage, proud to be the Herne Bay area’s favoured grab hire and muckaway provider, on 01795 420606.