Affordable Waste Management Solutions With Our Muckaway in Sheerness | Shaw Haulage

Based in nearby Sittingbourne and covering Kent, including Sheerness, our team have established a reputation as the go-to providers of muckaway, grab hire and land restoration – while our aggregate suppliers enjoy long-standing relationships with companies and sole traders all throughout the area. On this page, for the benefit of both returning and new clients, we’ve looked to breakdown the muckaway process to show how we fulfil our environmental obligation – recycling and re-purposing waste materials to reduce the amount of raw materials that need to be extracted from the earth.

Muckaway Process Broken Down

  • The Risk Assessment – If required, prior to a clearance we will visit to provide a site survey and risk assessment. This is especially important where hazardous or contaminated materials are present and require disposal, or in situations around Sheerness where the site itself is a potential danger – e.g during on-going land restoration work.
  • The Muckaway Itself – Our qualified operators set to work with our 80tonne capacity grab hire vehicles, quickly clearing your site of all waste while bypassing the time and physical effort involved in manual loading. The work will be conducted to the standards laid out in the aforementioned assessment / consultation, ensuring health and safety is prioritised.
  • The Recycling Process – Once the waste is loaded into our grab hire vehicles, we will transport it to a processing facility where the various materials can be separated, screened and processed to ensure that different types are ready for secondary use. Whether it’s stone, concrete, brick, pebbles or soil – our aggregate suppliers will be able to find a new home for it amongst our loyal customer base that is diverse, and extends throughout Sheerness.
  • Redistribution – We then ensure that these materials are carefully stored, and we await enquiry from said customers, who use us not just for muckaway and grab hire, but for land restoration (where having the right aggregate at hand for the project is completely essential) and as standalone aggregate suppliers. Our approach ensures we have materials available at a range of budgets, e.g screened topsoil that is mineral rich and encourages the growth of flora, and unscreened topsoil which is cheaper and better suited for use as a “filler”. Keep in mind that we do also stock and sell primary aggregate, which is simply essential for certain jobs.

Complementing the range of materials we gather, recycle and make available for Sheerness clients, are services including land restoration and muckaway. So bring in our professionals to streamline projects, from clear-outs and demolitions, to the re-development of vast swathes of industrial land.

You can reach us on 01795 420 606. For affordable and professionally delivered grab hire, muckaway, aggregate supply and land restoration in Sheerness – contact us at your earliest convenience.