High Performance, Affordably Priced Aggregate in Gillingham | Shaw Haulage

Dedicated muckaway specialists and aggregate suppliers for Gillingham and all surrounding areas, Shaw Haulage also provides a full range of grab hire solutions for individual trades and companies. The very same vehicles we use when handling muckaway and land restoration projects are available for whatever use you might envision, with grab hire being a versatile means of needing to transport waste, aggregate and similar materials, or move heavy or awkwardly positioned items from A to B. Common tasks we assist with include demolitions, and property developments of all shapes and sizes – but that’s really just the tip of the ice berg.

On this page, we’ve looked to run over how our commercial clients in the Gillingham area make use of our services, so you can see how our different offerings complement each other to help make projects proceed smoothly and without incident. If you’re more interested in getting a quote for our muckaway or land restoration services, or speaking with our aggregate suppliers right away, pick up the phone and call 01795 420 606.

How We Help Commercial Clients

The first way we assist our commercial clients around Gillingham, is through the provision of fast and efficient muckaway. This sees us clean a site of all dirt, waste and hazardous materials, presenting a clear “blank slate” for you to continue developing, or hand over to the end user. Muckaway can be carried out before work on a site begins, during the course of development, and after work has concluded. Our muckaway services are also employed for:

  • Removal of green waste (e.g following extensive work on a garden)
  • Rubbish clearances and office strip outs
  • Removal of excess waste following retail fit outs
  • Recycling of old furniture
  • Disposal of unsellable stock

Prior to muckaway commencing we’ll stage a risk assessment so that we can identify how to safely remove waste from your site – considering things like hazardous substances, local ecology and similar factors so we can take the appropriate measures.

The second way we assist is through the provision of high quality aggregate. Our aggregate suppliers have both primary and recycled secondary aggregate of all types – round, sharp, ballast, marble, fine, course; you name it, we can source it. We work with Gillingham companies and trades to find the perfect aggregate for the job at hand, for example the mixture of a concrete suited to a very particular end use, or for decorative ends – such as a driveway.

The third way is via land restoration services. This sees unused or for some reason currently unusable land be re-purposed; in some situations, land restoration involves the removal of contaminated or otherwise hazardous substances – other times, filling in areas that have been purposefully or accidentally collapsed. Our land restoration, carried out in coordination with local authority advice and remit, deliver Gillingham clients with new sites that can be safely developed.

Finally, our grab hire service is available with or without a trained operator (the former may be useful for Gillingham clients who have qualified vehicle operators of their own). These, as mentioned above, are very versatile and powerful machines that can save a huge amount of time and effort. The vehicles also help in the provision of muckaway, land restoration and in our role as Gillingham’s local aggregate suppliers.

So if you need assistance via any of the above listed services, whether muckaway, grab hire or aggregate supply, call Shaw Haulage today on 01795 420 606. We cover Gillingham and wider Kent.