Handling Everything from Aggregate Supply to Muckaway in Dartford | Shaw Haulage

The philosophy we take when serving as the Dartford area’s trusted aggregate suppliers is: provide quality, well-sourced and processed aggregates at distinctly competitive prices. We want to be the first company thought of in any development scenario in which aggregate is called for, and we think that over the years, we’ve to a large part achieved that.

The same approach sees us tailor those core services, which prove so popular amongst our Dartford clients – muckaway (fast and efficient site clearance), grab hire (opening up a range of options to your crew), and land restoration (re-purposing of brownfield sites and similar land). But below, we’ve focused on the former area – aggregate supply. The subject is popular aggregates, and their unique characteristics.

Popular Types of Aggregate

Granite Aggregate – One of the best aggregates to produce high quality concrete, our aggregate suppliers provide these blends in a range of sizes, colours and shapes – so you can adapt the concrete to both function and aesthetic demands. The actual composition of this material includes quartz, feldspar and mica crystals – the distribution/concentration of these particular materials will determine the granite’s colour, so we’ll ensure Dartford clients get something appealing!

Limestone Aggregate – During the course of muckaway projects, land restoration and waste removal via grab hire, we often accumulate sedimentary rocks which we then crush down and screen, leaving us with a lot of limestone. Typically heavy and course, this aggregate will suit projects like road construction and the application of reinforced concrete in general Dartford construction projects.

Gravel Aggregate – The crushing of natural stone and careful screening of quarried rock give us gravel aggregates. Qualities include affordability, which can them ideal for use in certain concretes and foundations. Another obvious application is all those lovely gravel driveways you often see throughout the Dartford area! Scrabbled stone and round gravel are two common types.

Sand Aggregate – Exceptionally fine and essential in many construction activities, our aggregate suppliers have different types available including builders sand, sharp sand and kiln-dried silver sand. The latter is the most fine in terms of size. Typically, you’ll want to choose fine sand for mortars and grouts, and coarser types for concrete.

Many of our long-standing working relationships with Dartford clients see us serve as a “one stop” solution for helpful services such as grab hire, muckaway and land restoration (essential to enable further development of sites); so we’re far from just aggregate suppliers!

So whatever it is you require, call us today on 01795 420606. From our grab hire and muckaway, to our status as aggregate suppliers, we ensure Dartford developers and builders can proceed with projects fully equipped.