Helping You Reshape Green Spaces With Aggregate Supply, Muckaway & Grab Hire in Rainham | Shaw Haulage

Shaw Haulage is well known amongst homeowners, sole traders and development companies in the Rainham area – but did you know that our services can also provide assistance with landscaping projects, including garden renovations? As there isn’t a page that specifically looks at how our muckaway, grab hire, aggregate supply and land restoration services complement these types of jobs, that’s what we’ve looked to focus on below…

If you’ve stumbled across this page while searching for reputable aggregate suppliers in the Rainham area, or a team that can provide a high standard of grab hire, muckaway or land restoration – cut right to the chase by calling the Shaw Haulage team on 01795 420606.

How We Help With Garden Renovations

Aggregate Supply – Both front and rear gardens can benefit from the inclusion of carefully chosen aggregate. Driveways are often made up of attractive gravel blends, for example; or crumbled marble / a similar, aesthetically pleasing natural stone can line flower beds and provide an eye-catching spurt of colour. Our aggregate suppliers can also provide Rainham clients with materials that can form striking, functional hard landscaping features which serve as the centre of a garden, and its heart and soul.

Topsoil – During the course of muckaway and land restoration, we process a large amount of soil which is recycled for secondary use. This includes screened top soil, ideal for turfing and the planting of flowers, trees and shrubs, and unscreened topsoil, which can be used in any situation where planting isn’t a concern.

Land Restoration – Many homeowners and companies move into properties whose land has seen better days; perhaps the land is purchased with the aim of reclamation and repurposing, due to containing contaminated or hazardous materials, or simply not having a flat gradient that’s usable. In these situations, we can carry out land restoration in line with your specifications, planned end use, and local authority regulations and guidelines. We’ll deliver a pristine, blank slate to use as you see fit.

Muckaway – Naturally, garden renovations and overhauls lead to the accumulation of a huge amount of green waste; dealing with it can prove challenging, quickly overwhelming a skip. Using our powerful grab hire vehicles, which make short work of the loading of waste into its 80tonne capacity truck bed, we can provide fast and efficient muckaway – allowing your project to continue safely, or for you to put the final finished stamp on the job.

Whatever type of project you’re gearing up for in Rainham, consider how our grab hire, aggregate supply, muckaway and land restoration services can streamline it! Call 01795 420606.