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The term waste management is a broad one which encapsulates two of our core services: muckaway and grab hire. The former is a fantastic way to see to all waste management requirements in one fell swoop, by simply outsourcing a site clearance to the Shaw Haulage team – Meopham’s local specialist in this area. The latter sees us provide vehicles that can transport up to 80tonnes of waste from your site to a local waste processing facility, making it an alternative to skip hire suitable for larger projects; our grab hire fleet also aids in the provision of land restoration services and aggregate supply – two other services offered to clients in and around Meopham.

It’s waste management we’ve focused in on below, providing advice to clients that should be fairly universal. Whether you’re planning to develop a property following on from the conclusion of land restoration (or perhaps, the development’s on-going and you’re simply using our aggregate suppliers to source the requisite materials), are conducting a demolition, or are simply carrying out a comprehensive clear out of a space, we hope they’ll prove relevant.

Should you rather leave it to the professionals, then call our team today on 01795 420 606. Following an initial consultation and risk assessment, we’ll be able to provide Meopham clients with a competitive quote on muckaway or grab hire.

3 Waste Management Considerations for Meopham Clients

One way we help Margate clients save is through the provision of grab hire. Capable of carrying up to 80tonnes of waste, and quickly loading it through the use of the mechanical arm attached to the bed, grab hire vehicles are an alternative to skip hire which proves far less cost effective when a large quantity of waste is involved – for example, in construction, demolition and land restoration projects.

To put it in raw figures, one of our 8-wheel grab hire vehicles can take the equivalent of 3 standard, 6-yard skips. The cost of the supply and removal here is far below that of skip hire, and you get the extra benefit of a) not having to load the skip manually, and b) not having to get a licence for it from Margate’s local authority.

Saving With Muckaway

Pests & Germs – To avoid developing an issue here, clear as you go or call in our muckaway / grab hire team at regular intervals. While skips can be covered up or even locked, if you have biodegradable waste simply sitting around on your site, you may attract rats and other vermin. There’s also the possibility that harmful bacterial and nasty odours will emerge, which in extreme cases, can attract the attention of Meopham’s local authorities – often alerted by irate neighbours or passers-by.

Aesthetic – If you own and operate, or are working on a commercial premises in Meopham or wider Kent, then waste accumulating outside can be terrible for your image; it may deter clients and customers, or prove a serious issue for employee morale. Likewise, piles of rubbish can prove an eye-sore when sitting on the doorstep of homes, and are worth dealing with for this reason alone. Ensuring you have a well-organised and kept clean site will avoid these aesthetic concerns, while also keeping your site a safe and efficient one to work on – in particular, one that is free of tripping hazards!

Hazardous Waste – Many waste types that we gather during the course of grab hire and muckaway provision around Meopham and its surrounds are designated hazardous, and require careful handling, processing, and disposal or repurposing. It’s the latter that we do so well at Shaw Haulage, de-contaminating waste gathered during land restoration, for example, so that it can be screened and sold on by our aggregate suppliers for secondary use. We urge our clients to be aware of the types of waste they have on site, and whether they need professional disposal. Common hazardous waste include asbestos, tyres, paints, white goods, oils and gas canisters – but a more exhaustive list can be found on the government’s official website.

For further, tailored advice or to receive a quote on muckaway, grab hire, land restoration or on a quantity of building materials delivered by our aggregate suppliers – contact us at your earliest convenience.

You can reach Shaw Haulage on 01795 420 606. Our standard of grab hire, muckaway and aggregate supply is unrivalled throughout Meopham and wider Kent.