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Sittingbourne is our hometown, and a place we care for deeply. While over the course of the average day, our grab hire fleet will travel far and wide throughout Kent, Sittingbourne is where we come back to after completing the provision of muckaway or land restoration, or delivering materials as the county’s favoured aggregate suppliers.

And yet, there’s no guarantee that local residents may have heard of us – they may simply never have had need for the aforementioned services in the past, be new to the area, or perhaps we’ve simply passed “like ships in the night”! For this reason, below, we’ve run over one of our core services: muckaway, which also feeds into other aspects of what we do (as aggregate suppliers, grab hire vehicle operators and land restoration experts).

If you’ve found this page because you’re in Sittingbourne and in urgent need of grab hire, muckaway, land restoration services, or aggregate suppliers – then time is of the essence. So call us directly on 01795 420 606 for a quote.

How Muckaway Works

Muckaway is typically the disposal of waste that falls into three distinct categories:

Inert Waste – That which has not degraded in anyway and is neither dangerous or difficult to handle. Examples include brick, concrete and subsoil.

Hazardous Waste – What it says on the tin: waste that, if improperly handled without the correct use of safety equipment etc, could be harmful to humans and the environment. Think of oil, solvents, asbestos and similar items.

Non-Hazardous Waste – If it doesn’t fit into either of the aforementioned categories, then it belongs in here! The general “stuff” that’s targeted by muckaway, that which may have degraded but can be fairly freely handled.

Sittingbourne clients making use of our muckaway services will receive a consultation and site survey, so we can identify the types of waste present and any particular safety concerns the site might present. Then we can get to work, using our grab hire fleet to quickly and effortlessly load large quantities of waste into vehicles’ respective truck beds.

This is then transferred to waste processing facilities where screening lets us create secondary products. These will both be sold on for use by our aggregate suppliers, and utilised during the course of land restoration projects – the repurposing of brownfield or otherwise harmful/unusable land in Sittingbourne and wider Kent.

So as you can see, these core service areas of muckaway, grab hire, aggregate supply and land restoration are all very much interlinked, and allow us to commercialise what is an essential task – keeping clean the environment, and preventing useful materials from simply being sent to landfill.

Sittingbourne’s Shaw Haulage are waiting to hear from you. Call our grab hire, muckaway and aggregate suppliers today on 01795 420 606.