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Aggregate Suppliers in Chatham | Decorative and Technical Aggregate


Shaw Haulage provides a range of aggregates for projects of all sizes. Whether for foundations, paving, or driveways, we meet your needs. Using our grab hire vehicles ensures timely, efficient delivery to sites in Chatham and surrounding areas. To make our customers lives even easier, we offer muckaway and site clearance services. Our aggregate suppliers can then unload in the most suitable place, and construction stays on schedule.


A major use of aggregates is as part of a concrete mix. They are an essential component of the final product for a variety of reasons. Other than being economical, aggregates improve the structure, reduce cracking and aid water drainage. To get the most from your materials, the right mixture is crucial. Our team discusses your needs and unloads your mix with our grab hire vehicles, making for a stress-free process.


Fine aggregates, such as silt, clay and sand, improve the workability of concrete mix, but using too much requires extra binding material. Coarse aggregates, like uncrushed stone or gravel, improve strength by reducing the amount of water needed. As too much of this type may waste binding material, a combination of both fine and coarse aggregates is the most cost-effective option for our Chatham customers. With a variety of primary and recycled aggregates, reclaimed from muckaway jobs, Shaw Haulage ensures each customer gets the best product for their needs.


If your site requires clearing, we help there too. Using vehicles from our grab hire fleet, muck away takes minimal time and effort. This allows us to unload decorative and constructive aggregates in your preferred location on sites in Chatham.


Another factor to consider is the density of aggregates. Different densities have varying applications, but our aggregate suppliers meet all technical requirements. Lightweight aggregates are more porous and better for green roof construction, pavements and fireproofing. For durable, strong concrete structures, such as building foundations and pipework ballasting, high density aggregates are the right choice.


Our aggregate suppliers also provide decorative aggregates for surfacing and landscape projects. There is a range of options available, but some common choices of our Chatham customers are:


  • Slate
  • Flint
  • Rockery
  • Gravel and Shingle


Popular uses of these include driveways, paths, borders and water features. The size of the aggregate determines its best use. Our suppliers discuss your needs to ensure you receive only suitable materials and deliver them with our handy grab hire vehicles. We also offer efficient muck away services to clear your site, helping it look its best as soon as possible.


In addition to improving the appearance of spaces in Chatham, decorative aggregates have some secondary uses. If placed around plants, they can prevent the growth of weeds, retain moisture and protect against frost.


This makes them popular for use on domestic and commercial lawns, driveways and footpaths. Contact our aggregate suppliers to assess the needs of your space.

Whatever the project, contact us today on 01795 420606 for all aggregates in Chatham.